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before & AfterAshley Donahoo is an author, motivational speaker, and Ambassador/ Spokesperson for Livestrong.com. She enjoys sharing her story in hopes of inspiring & helping others “Choose the Change” in their own lives and health. Ashley lives in Pace, FL, with her husband and two sons. She enjoys running, yoga, spinning, hiking, swimming, and creating new & healthy recipes that fit both her healthy lifestyle and her love for good food.  

Believe in the DIY process!

You CAN do this – believe that first and foremost! My journey (and countless people I’ve helped) has proven that this process DOES work, and it works for life. The best way to lose the weight and keep it off for life is learning how to choose, prepare, and eat food at home AND working in an exercise regimen into your busy life. My name is Ashley Donahoo, and I juggled work, children, school, a family, and many other things while on my journey to a healthier me, but I was successful because I stuck with it and kept the faith n (Read more about my journey here.)! There are many things I learned along the way, and I want to share those things with YOU to help you reach your goals! It IS possible!

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Choices = Consequences

YOUR choices = YOUR results. You can make good choices, which lead to positive results, or you can make poor choices, which lead to negative results. Where you are right in this moment is a consequence (good or bad) of choices you have made along the way (good or bad). If you want different results, make different choices! You MUST take responsibility for where you are now if you are to ever change your choices and get where you want to be. 

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The more you know…

Remember those “The More You Know” commercials? There’s a lot of truth to the idea! If you don’t know what you’re putting in your body, how will you keep track of it? Start looking at and reading ALL nutrition labels – arm yourself with knowledge about what you’re ingesting! I will help you understand what you’re looking at, too! The next step is tracking…

Start keeping track!

Keeping track of your food (and exercise) is SUCH an integral part to changing your eating habits, holding yourself accountable, being conscious of your choices, etc (the list goes on and on). Whether it’s on a pad of paper you carry around with you, using an online site, a phone app, or WHATEVER works best for YOU, KEEP TRACK of everything that passes your lips! There are endless FREE tools out there dedicated to tracking food and exercise, so make the commitment and start NOW!